How it Works

At outstandingSETUP, we want to make things as easy for our valued customers as we possibly can. With everything from our speedy setup to enthusiastic support, you will not find faster, friendlier service, or a team more eager to get your website up and running.

And as far as the safety, security, and preparing your website for the future profit it deserves, outstandingSETUP offers the best deal, dollar for dollar on the Web.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Sign Up

You can get started with your outstandingSETUP account for just $19 a month. Less than $20, includes initial set up, theme, domain, and WordPress install.

Your backup and security begin immediately.

All accounts can be canceled at any time, and with no notice or reason required.

If you’re not happy, outstandingSETUP isn’t happy, which is why we offer a 100% , no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Step 2 – Introduction

As soon as you open your outstandingSETUP account, one of our friendly support representatives will contact you, introduce themselves, and determine exactly how they can get your beautiful, professional website up and running in the shortest period of time possible.

We know you’re in a hurry. You want your new website live as close to immediately as possible. We want to make that happen for YOU.

Your introduction email is the first step in a friendly, long-lasting relationship with a company that will help you get your website running, then keep it safe, secure and at peak performance for the life of your business.

All of our representatives have years of experience working with WordPress.

Step 3 – Choosing a domain

Your website is your home on the Web, but your domain is that home’s address. Choosing the right domain can make a massive difference in the overall success of your online business.

With everything from getting found through search, to being remembered and discussed in social media spaces, the right domain can make a big difference to the health of your business.

If you already know what domain you would like to use, or already have one, simply let us know and we’ll either purchase the domain for you or point it to our servers (or both if necessary).

The domain is not ours and never will be, it belongs to you 100%.

If you don’t already know what domain is best for your business, or are unsure, your friendly outstandingSETUP representative will help you choose a fantastic domain that is easy to find and even easier to remember.

All outstandingSETUP customers get one FREE domain.

Step 4 – Choosing a theme

Next, you’ll choose a theme for your website. outstandingSETUP currently offers over 100 premium themes, with additional designs being added all the time.

When you find the theme that looks right for you, simply let us know and we will install it immediately.

If you’re unsure of which theme is right for you, your friendly rep will help you choose by going over the benefits, features and options of the available themes, or finding you a new theme if none in our Gallery are perfect for you.

Our gallery only contains the highest quality premium themes, included in your package.

Step 5 – Build Stage

The build stage is where you get to relax while we do all the heavy lifting!

Once all of the above steps have been completed, we enter the build stage. This usually takes less than 12 hours from start to finish. When we’re done with the build stage, your website will be ready to go.

We’ll send you an email and hand you the keys.

Your representative will send you an excited email, probably with several exclamation marks letting you know that your website is ready. The email will include all of your login information so you can assume complete control of your website and start adding the content that will get you noticed and help you build your busines.

As a bonus we include 17 professionally edited WordPress training videos.

Step 6 – Support

Of course, we don’t finish there. Nothing is more important to the health of your online business than the safety and security of your files.

Your outstandingSETUP support representative will stay with you as long as you remain a customer, always ready to answer every general or technical question you have about the health and maintenance of your website.

No matter what happens, we are ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU.

outstandingSETUP makes sure that you’re never alone by always being an e-mail away.

You will have direct email access to your representative at all times.

Step 7 – Backup

We back up your entire website each and every night, so you never need to worry about losing a single pixel of the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

If you ever need recovery of your files, or your most recent backup, a simple email to your support representative will get them to your inbox ASAP.

At outstandingSETUP, we make things EASY.

Our Clients love our speedy setup and enthusiastic support. And they appreciate that they cannot find faster, friendlier, or more dependable service anywhere else online.

We’d love to have you as a happy customer too. See plans & Pricing.