outstandingSETUP Reviews & Testimonials

Meet a few of our happy clients

In almost every business-type course I’ve taken whether it was for marketing or in the case of Jeff Goin’s course, for writing, I’ve heard nothing but WordPress is the way to go for blogging…but every time I checked it out, it seemed too overwhelming…you made it incredibly easy to make the change AND the cost was so minimal! You did an awesome job migrating my old blog posts to the new site! And, I love the theme you suggested…it’s going to work just wonderfully! – Anita Van Hal

There’s a reason why Danny Cooper calls it outstandingSETUP, because that’s what getting a website from him is-outstanding. From the get go, the site was delivered when promised, and he was (and still is) so prompt to answer all of my questions, make changes as I requested. My experience through the process has been fantastic. If you need a website, get outstandingSETUP. – Ritu Rao

outstandingSETUP is FAST, and their work is every bit as outstanding as their name. And the price – incredible. As a writer and designer turned author and publisher, I’ve installed countless WordPress sites over the last few years. What these guys do isn’t easy, and they do it better than anyone else in my experience. outstandingSETUP makes things easy for their customers so their customers can focus on doing what they do best. This is the smart way to get your website up, running, and looking great. – David Wright

I’ve had to build more websites than I can count, and for more clients than I want to think about! Building those websites used to be a GIANT hassle, not to mention the occasional calamity that put us in need of support. Not anymore. outstandingSETUP changed the way I do business for the better. With a few clicks, I now know I’ll have a gorgeous website ready for my client in less than 48 hours, with the safety, security, backup, and amazingly friendly service the outstanding team is known for. I will never use anyone else, ever again. – Lori Taylor

outstandingSETUP is AMAZING!! I had been wanting to start my own website forever, but was always intimidated by everything from the design to the setup to the ongoing maintenance the site would require. outstandingSETUP eliminated 100% of my problems, and worry. Their helpful consultant walked me through the entire process and answered every question I had, then delivered a beautiful website that looked better than I imagined in two days. Spectacular service, friendly help, unbelievable price. In a word: AMAZING. – Michelle Ruble

I don’t know what to say other than WOW. As a realtor and restauranteur for a number of years, I’ve worked with more businesses than I can count, but I’m relatively new online. I didn’t think it was possible to get a high-quality, professional design like the ones promised by outstandingSETUP, especially in less than 48 hours. But I have to admit, I was blown away. The price is perfect, and everything else is beyond that. I cannot recommend outstandingSETUP any more highly than I do. For an old guy like me, they are an absolute godsend. – Moe Shahbani

I’ve been online for a long time now, but I’ve never seen anything like what the team at outstandingSETUP offers to their customers, especially for the price. If your website is your business, you can’t afford to go without a quality install, professional design, and the security and support that will keep your business running without the worry. – Tracy O’Connor